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Busan National Science Museum Permanent Exhibition


3D Interactive Installation Contents

As a researcher at the Korea Electronics Technology Research Institute VR/AR Center, I created three marine interactive 3D contents.

These contents are produced as part of the Science and Culture Exhibition Service Capacity Building Support Project organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and is currently on permanent exhibition in the Marine Ship Hall of the National Busan Science Museum.

Cushion Beat


3D Character for Animation

Dancing pillow, a friend for those who cannot sleep, Cushion Cooper! hehe.

The March of Spring


Animation Control through OSC Protocol

Spring is coming, and the flowers must awaken.

Everyone has their part to play. Leaves as the snare, bees as the clap, and ants as the hi-hat.

They are all happy when the flowers bloom.

Not Sorry


2D Animation

Don't be sorry for who you are!

The story of a certain cow who is not like the others

Squid Again


Puzzles with Memorable Objects

Ha Sesang is led by his long-dead dog, Brandt, to an unknown place.

There he meets a cute squid, who tells him that he is her benefactor.

Later, her father offers to send him back to his original world if he solves a puzzle.

Ha Sesang starts solving puzzles to get out of this crazy situation.